Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet ReviewsWhy would you need Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet or any other Welding Helmets? Everyone wants to protect his/her eyes as it is the organ of sight. Mainly eyes enable people to perform daily tasks and to learn about the world that surrounds them. So it’s our first duty to protect our eyes from various types of particles or from chemicals.

So if you are looking for the best auto-darkening welding helmet then Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet can be the perfect choice of yours just to protect or save your retina from the harmful rays. In today’s article, I am going to share the perfect review of the best welding helmet for tig that comes with amazing features and world-class technology.

The best welding helmet for MIG is a type of headgear that can be used for performing certain types of welding to protect the eyes, face, and neck from flash burn, ultraviolet rays, sparks, infrared light, and heat.

It is necessary to protect our eyes from the painful condition where the cornea is inflamed. This helmet can prevent your retina from burning which can lead to loss of vision. Choosing the best welding hood is not that easy task.  But by reading this article you can make a smart decision for your safety.

Well, now without taking the much time of yours, I would like to start reviewing the Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet so you will get the proper and perfect information about this best welding hood that you are looking for your safety. Below You just need to scroll down the page and below you will get everything about this welding helmet.

Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Complete Review

Top Of The Line Welding Headgear:

The lightweight design of the best welding helmet for MIG allows for all-day comfort for any professional or recreational welder which includes ratchet headgear for universal fit. 206S is what you need for a professional or a DIY Welding, Arc, Tig, Mig, MMA, or plasma project.

The optical class rating of 1/1/1/2, a 3.86″ on 1.73 of the viewing area, solar shade lens, ground 0000. It is a very fast response time with an adjustable 4-9/9-13 range and also adjustable sensitivity knobs. The black 8 by 9 by 12 inch helmet weighs 1 pound and includes a pair of 16 inch welding gloves in a box with instructions

Complete Eye Safety:

The Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet meets the EN379 and ANSIZ87.1 safety and technical standards for simple to complex welding jobs. It will able to switch from light to dark in 1/25000 of a second due to its 1/1/1/2 Optical Class rating.

This product will protect the welder against UV and IR radiation in case of electrical failure and is equipped with a large viewing area of 3.86 inches by 1.73 inches. Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet allows the welder to see at different angles very easily. Welding helmets can also prevent retina burns which can lead to a loss of vision.

Functional And Easy To use:

The top-rated welding helmets are padded with a hard head adapter and come with automatic on/off power for Grinding, Arc Gouging, MMA, MIG, MAG/CO2, TIG, and plasma cutting with shade variation of DIN4/5-9/9-13. It comes with 4 premium arc sensors and an easily adjustable from dark to light.

The most important feature of the Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is that it will provide you with a low-volume alarm that may include solar cells and a 2-year lifespan lithium battery. The advantage of this product does not need to adjust the position welding helmet manually which not only saves time but also reduces the risk of exposure to the harmful light generated by the welding process.

Special Bonus Added:

Every Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet includes an Extra set of Lens that is Covered and a pair of top-quality Grade A. It also provides you the  16-inch Welding Gloves that fit most hands very easily. and made of a thick double-layer of leather that is fire-retardant with Kevlar stitching thread.

They have long sleeves to keep your arms and clothing protected and safe. Yet they are pliable and comfortable to wear for long periods of time and weld safely with this complete set that protects you, your eyes, and your hands from the harmful rays. You can weld with ease and full protection of your eyes.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

You can buy this Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with the full confidence that comes with a pair of 16-inch Kevlar Welding Gloves. This set is perfect for the welders and construction workers in the automotive, food and beverage, heavy infrastructure, manufacturing, metal production and fabrication, military, mining, oil and gas, repair and operation, and transportation industries.

We know that you will be impressed with our product. So you can contact us with any concerns and you can purchase it for your safety. It will protect you from the harmful rays while working in construction. If you have any confusion about this product then please contact us or you can send a mail also. We will produce the full customer service.

Some More Eye-Catching Features:

  • On/Off: Automatic
  • Lightweight
  • Power: Solar Cells & Lithium Battery
  • Replaceable Battery
  • UV/IR Protection
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Low Amperage TIG: >5A
  • Low Volume: Alarm
  • PP Material

Final words About The Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

So, this was the wonderful description of the Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet and I hope you liked this. We should not compromise with safety as this helmet can give you protection from ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Now it’s time to take the decision not to think about it. The best welding helmet 2019 comes with amazing features and a stylish and attractive design, so you can go for this product without any if or but.

Now you have to visit amazon.com where you can check out the rating and reviews from the users. But still, if you have any doubts or queries about this product then just comment down below in the comment section and we will answer your queries as soon as we can for sure.

  • Cartridge: 4.33″x3.54″x0.354″
  • On/Off: Automatic
  • Power: Solar Cells & Lithium Battery
  • Replaceable Battery: Yes
  • UV/IR Protection: DIN 16
  • Shade Control: External Variable
  • Sensitivity Control: dial knob

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